Born, to die

year after year we mark off our time on life
it’s usually a merry time doing that
looking back on the year passed
all the lessons that we have learned
all the blessing that we have been blessed with
promising to go beyond to make new milestones
and yet
on days our heart breaks every step we take
every day becomes a struggle, a fight
some days we just give up and succumb
some days we laugh with rejoice
some days we cry silent tears
the more we grow, the isolated we get
there are more people around us for sure
but inside, we start to feel alone and different
our individuality grows and diverges,
and we often times stand alone,
proud and alone, sometimes
withdrawn and alone with misery, at other times
life goes on, a day at a time
second by second life ticks away and we die.

we are born to die,
isn’t it pathetic?
this is a prayer for you for me for all
may our every day bring us joy and contentment
no matter how tough the going gets
through all ups and downs, may we find a reason to smile
every single day.


P.S. this is dedicated to a very special someone for the very special day making a mother feel extra special with a baby ‘that didn’t cry a baby that was an angel with no complains’.

Also I have started on a new journey of caring for the old, the demented, the helpless. It is a very humbling thing. Shows how pathetic we humans are. We grow so independent through our early years, in our teens, in our twenties, and then become so proud and self-reliant in our thirties, fourties, and then without really knowing we start to go downhill at some point.