Westbound: my book


Westbound is a journey …

Welcome to my journey from home to “home” and return as a stranger and native all at the same time. It’s a bittersweet journey of self discovery, reaching far and wide, experiencing new things, growing bold and strong, crossing milestones, testing waters, and also jumping in at times with no clue as to the depth of the water or the strength of the current.

Be prepared to see this book sometime in the near future. For now I don’t know if it is going to be a picture book or a book of prose. Or just an imaginary book that I fantasize about. That above is what I choose as the cover :)

The images below, and some more, will find itself interwoven into the pages.


The green, the blue, dotted whiteness are different from our Maldives kind of white blue and green. Back home we will see blue circled with white and much further the greenery.


The changing seasons makes life the opposite of dull. The opposite of the usual, the never-changing scenery. Here, you take a stroll on the same road and each day is a different story.


The care for aesthetic beauty in these landscapes, the nature nurturing those very landscapes, and the humans respecting the order of place and the feel of space.


Entering a darkness, trusting it to be safe, everything in order and then the lightness at the end of the tunnel – I just adore going in and coming out the other end. The best part is the speed. Back home, the sea is a hinderance for my adventure zeal. Here an hour scooped in a car is a piece of cake. There at home, 20 minutes on a Dhoni is like torture for me.


Again, the changing seasons a view to behold. The most unassuming trees bloom into colourful vibrance overnight surprising our sense of sight and sense of smell too in many instances.


Ah the long journey. It looks never ending at times. Infinite.


Why do we keep memorabilia? I certainly do keep them. I hold onto them with a vengeance. The written words, the thoughts sifting through our brains, the small token of people passing through our lives, the space and place of today treasured for tomorrow. Lest we forget, we needs constant remembrance.


The fig tree shedding its figs to make way for other beauties, in the process beautifying the ground beneath. These lovely fig corns are collectibles.


Ah the meandering creeks from the sides of the mountains and the running, trickling streams down below as far as my eyes can see. Makes the world a better place to breathe on. Makes me forget the congestion back home and that very thought reminds me of the congestion I will be heading to soon. Soon I will be back in that home – more appropriate to put that home in quotes for this now is my home-home.

That image above says to me “ye vaadiya ye fizaaey bulaarahee he thumey”