I am a shell


I was living and breathing – in my home.
Wherever it was, however it was – it was home!
It was my familiar surroundings.
It still is!
It was the place where I breathed

And then came you, the charming, the devil …
Tried telling me there was a better life,
much better living out of the water
You convinced me I was too deep down.

I did feel a bit of suffocation, I agree!
True – I wanted to experience the beauty elsewhere
but never wanted to go out of the water.
I had convinced myself, stupidly or rationally,
there was more beauty to be seen even within.

And yet, you convinced me,
you made me believe there was something better
something worth an attempt
I was swayed, I was moved, I saw a promise.

I do know I believed you only because I wanted to.
There was a thrill in testing the air out of the water
I swam out, on shore,
I breathed the salty air – a few times

You were right!
The white sand, the softness, the smoothness,
the glistening clear shallow water ,
the greenery around, framed by the blue sky,
kissed persistently and softly by the cascading clear rippling waves.

It was different. It was exquisite. It was a thrill I agree.
It was sensational. Alas! It was short-lived.
I should have known my breathing will stop.
The more I walked on shore, the more thrilling,
the more damaging!
I heaved great gulps of air a few times and it was the end!

I am now only a shell,
looking pretty from the outside,
nothing living inside!

Poor shell. Who knew the shell too has wishes!