What is wrong with some people?


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I am a tolerant person. I believe in the policy of “live and let live”. I believe in multi-faith and tolerance to other people’s life choices. I follow the Quranic teachings as much as possible. I say that because that’s how I am. I am not perfect. I have sinned. I repent. And I believe Allah is merciful.

The purpose of this post is two-fold: one to wish everyone out there a blessed Eid. May Allah accept from you and me, our good deeds; and increase us in faith. Also may Allah bless all humanity and remove hatred from our hearts. That’s the second purpose of this post. The hate that is spread against each other. It pains me to see the amount of hatred that goes around in the name of religion.

As I said, I am tolerant and I try to keep myself informed of different sides of world news. Hence I follow this blog along with many others, although the blog has given me nothing other than hatred towards Muslim and our faith. I have taken all their earlier posts at face value and just thought to myself “that’s their view, let it be”.

But the post that came up today on the reader: “Global Warning: The Hate-Wave All Over The Islamicized West” is not easy to just let pass without a word.

How can they dismiss the atrocities Israel is waging on Palestinians to say “As occurred numerous times before, Israel, under non-stop missile attacks by Hamas is presented as a very bad cop…” Yes, the world over is demonstrating against Israel. Not because they are against Jews or against the people of Israel. But I believe the demonstrations is against a barbaric act on humanity. How could one country justify a living over the killing of others, of forcing people out of their homes and making the homes theirs?



What would you do if you were kicked out of your home in the middle of the night? What would you do you along with all your neighbours were kicked out? Wouldn’t you at least try to defend your family? Wouldn’t you at least try to shield the forces from entering your home? Wouldn’t you at the very least throw a stone at the retreating tanker that has killed innocent lives? I am not justifying anybody attacking anyone. But I am talking about human response when their existence is jeopardized. Haven’t people learned from the Holocaust? Why punish Palestinians for something Hitler did?

All Ramadan, I have been seeing pictures of disfigured children on my FB reader. The news claim they are Palestinian children killed or maimed by the Israel attack. A massive military with state of the art machinery is attacking an already marginalised, impoverished, and largely defenceless civilians. And Israel justifies their action as retaliation to some stones thrown by Palestinian children or young adults. They have seen nothing other than atrocities of Israel all their lives.

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“A Palestinian terrorist hurls a deadly rock at a peaceful Israeli tank”

The latest stats I have seen coming from Palestine, verified by international community cites 1032 Palestinians killed, 5860+ others injured due to #Israel‘s offensive against the Gaza strip. And many of those are children. What better way to cripple a family, Israel must be thinking. But aren’t they creating more people to hate them? Israel, a Jew state is doing it. So isn’t it natural that this blame be inadvertently attributed to Jews? Here again, I am not saying Jews are to be responsible. And I believe, world-wide demonstrations are against the actions of Israel. I have Jew friends who are very dear to me and they believe what Israel is doing is wrong.

And to think that Israel justified their continous attack on Gaza this month on Hamas Kidnapping 3 Israeli Teens: It Turns Out Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All

I recommend my readers to take a moment and read this: Is Gideon Levy the most hated man in Israel or just the most heroic?

Also this: Jon Snow Gaza Video Voices Plea For Children Caught Up In Violence (Average age of Gazans is 17)

And also watch this: Breaking the Silence

And stop labelling Muslims as Terrorists.


I am a Muslim and I have never hurt a fly, let alone a human being. So don’t call me a terrorist. Stop your double standard of measuring actions of individuals and generalizing it to communities.

For you your God could be different. For me it’s Allah, our creator. Creator of human beings, the planet, the universe, and every organism there within. I was born into this religion and I see no reason to not believe in the Quran and the last Prophet Muhammad. That does not mean that I cannot appreciate other people’s God and their religion.