The best ‘idol’ background


There is a lot of mixed comments being hurled towards the Maldivian idol show in Maldives.

All I know is I listen to music now and then, I watch movies now and then, and I find peace in music at times. I am a very patriotic Maldivian too. The talent coming out of the Maldivian idol is quite good. The personalities that comes out of the people putting themselves in the spotlight embracing criticism and praise tells a story in itself. The beautiful smiles, the beautiful sentiments, the beautiful community spirit that emerges are all very good. The judges are being professional and entertaining too. I enjoyed the 4 audition shows very much. I think I especially enjoyed it because of the beautiful way Maldives has been video-graphed and showcased. The entertainment, the drama, the showbiz bit of the show needs its standing ovation too.

Now with this episode, 2nd theater round, I just have to share the video here because the scenery is simply stunning. Makes me feel proud to be hailing from such a gorgeous country.

My favorites for now are Muazzin (he made his mom proud on this last show), Ifham, Laisha, Ishan, Eenash (eliminated sadly), Shalabee (singing is awesome, appearance a bit tidying up I suppose), Nabath (pretty clear voice), Saanih (sings effortlessly but doesn’t stand out), Ziya (has the clearest of voices and what a beautiful soul – his sight is not with him but he is blessed with more on his voice and a pleasant personality), Nazeeh (is easily the cutest kid there with a voice to die for), Sodiq (pretty charming and a lovable personality – can sing definitely)
I am no one to judge on people’s singing. And yet as a fan of these talented courageous people, that is just my take on it :)