a soul’s deepest yearns

Just another day of this journey called life
A turning point of sorts
a milestone of sorts
just another random day of life

Things to be thankful for many
Regrets, what ifs, wishful thinking – also many
Just normal random stuff, a part of life of any
This transient world, a journey, a test for any

Every single soul thinks it is unique
Individual needs and craves – central to the soul the body
That it is tested unduly, unfairly unlike any
Just normal human behaviour of souls in vein

Half a lifetime of sorts and meh! not much to show really
And yet, yet, lessons learned so many
Brimming jewels behind the heavy lids
Ready to pour unchecked at any random trigger

Cleansing of sorts, it is hoped
Clearing up blocked pores, cleansing off wrongs
Reflection of what’s gone, what has been endured
What could have been, what had not been, what could still be

A sense of failure looming tall and dark
every corner, every crevice, the soul turns
Every fall, every jolt, every unholy pluck of nerves
Where has the years gone, soul years, it laments

A sense of freedom, a sense of something achieved
Every shadow it chases off, no place for you, no damn place for you
A sense of peace and calm even on balmy nights
Every little mercy, each single breath a blessing in deed