Sounds pass their lips when…



Currently reading the book “Poetry and Prose of the Tang and Song
and came across these beautiful words:

“Most things when not at peace will sound.
Plants and trees have no voice,
but rustled by the wind it sounds.
Water has no voice,
but ruffled by the wind it sounds,
splashing when struck,
gathering speed when obstructed,
and seething when heated.

Metal and stone have no voice,
but when beaten they sound.

And human utterances are the same:
men speak out when forced to it.
If they long for something, they sing;
if they are sad, they weep.
Sounds pass their lips whenever they are not at peace.

Music expresses what has been pent up,
and chooses the most resonant substances for its sounds.
Metal, stone, strings, bamboo, gourds, earthenware, leather and wood —
these eight have resonance.
It is the same with the seasons of the year:
they choose the most resonant things to transmit sound.
Thus birds warble in spring,
thunder rumbles in summer,
crickets chirp in autumn,
and the wind howls in winter;
for while the four seasons rotate there cannot be peace.

It is the same with men.
Language is the essence of human speech,
literature the essence of language,
and the most articulate are chosen as spokesmen.

p. 76

This is a lazy post 😀
But the words from the book just was too good to pass.

1 2 3 i’ll be there


The song that blasted out
out from the car radio on my 8 minute drive to work
It blasts out with the start of the engine
It blasts out loud, until I turn the volume knob down

This one was pretty easy on the ears
A beautiful song, beautiful sentiments
But I can’t help be a skeptic and cynic

There is no such thing as friends
There is no counting on others
You can only count on yourself