Reaching out to the unknown

What a crippling feeling it is to know that we human are so replaceable. The spouse you marry with vows and promises of ever after, fading into nothingness just with a blink of an eye. The lover, the heart-throb, of every living breathing second, becoming a complete stranger when things don’t work out. The best friend of today forgotten and replaced the very next day erasing with it the bond, the shared stories, the mirth of an open laugh, the contentment of a wiped tear. People move on, life moves on; it happens! The tough part is when there is no synchrony. You moving on when I am not. I moving on when you are not. The void that creates in the heart that is frozen in time and space can only be fathomed by that thawed, throbbing and pulsating clot of blood. The feeling of suffocation as you struggle for a breath in the midst of engulfing water, all while you are sitting on a chair in front of a desk on steady ground, definitely is not the best of the human feelings.