More Awards ☀ ღ ✌ ɦǟքքʏ


I have a few awards to give out,
thanks to genorosioty of fellow bloggers.
These awards are
Candle Lighter Award
One Lovely Blog Award
Genuine Blogger Award
Hope Unites Globally: The Hug Award

╰⊰⊹✿ ✿⊹⊱╮

What is in an award?
What is its significance?
is it money, trophy, fame?
is it tangible, showing off?

What it is, IS recognition –
in whatever group, form.
Here on the blogosphere –
a word, an award, a smiley emoticon,
all comes bringing recognition,
appreciation, understanding.

Acceptance from peers,
from fellow bloggers.
Today I am proud to display
some awards for positivity,
spreading love and hope.

╰⊰⊹✿ ✿⊹⊱╮

Not the easiest of tasks it is giving out –
but these awards does not have too much of hefty work for nominations
or forwarding; but it sure needs to be forwarded for the joy to spread,
the love to grow, encourage genuine effort, and promote hope.

I am also trying to do justice with the fellow bloggers
who gave me these awards, in good faith and in kindness.

Hope Unites Globally: The Hug Award

This award was created by Connie @  ahopefortoday
and I got the award straight from the award creator
on my very first visit to her HOPE space 🙂
I thank Connie for the kind gesture, humbly.
And I would like to pass this award to to the bloggers listed below.
Please note the following instructions.
I quote from ahopefortoday blog:

“People do not have to give up or compromise their own religious, spiritual, or political beliefs to qualify for the Hope Unites Globally HUG Award©.  They qualify for the HUG Award© when, without bias or prejudice, they use their resources and gifts to make the world a better place for everyone.”

“Those who receive the HUG Award© may paste a copy of the original
HUG Award© image into an Image widget on their website or blog
by simply copying and pasting the following image URL
into an Image widget:

Please do follow this link for more information on the award.
Without further ado here are my nominees:

One Lovely Blog Award

This award I received from  Sunshine and NalaikPand, Jake and Kate.
The recipient is free to choose
how many blogs the award is forwarded to or even not to.

I like to pass it.
And this is such a great opportunity as all of my followers,
and the blogs I follow are all great in their own way.
No more difficult decisions I have to take
on selecting a few, as with many other awards 🙂
So here it is. You qualify as your blog is lovely in your own right.

Genuine Blogger Award

This award I received from Jake
Not sure if there are any rules or not.

I like to pass it and I am assuming I can, to any number of people.
The following I choose, I feel in my gut that these bloggers
without doubt and without question qualify for the Genuine Award 🙂

Candle Lighter Award

The award given to me by Judy and Elyas.
It was originally created by Kate.
I recommend you visit Kate’s page for more info on it
And I’m sure you will not be disappointed.
[And do visit lovely bloggers: Judy and Elyas,
they are the awesomest bloggers in the whole Universe] 😀

My nominations for this award, for the time being
are as follows:
[It really is difficult to draw a line – for now I will leave it at that]


These awards have no end
only a beginning.
The list can keep growing
as and when I get a sign.
[sign from where I don’t know]
Maybe a sign that says to me
wow what a supportive blogger
not necessarily to me –
but to everyone out there.

Congratulations to the nominees!
Thank you for your support 🙂
And now it’s your turn to do what you please with your Awards 🙂

╰⊰⊹✿ ✿⊹⊱╮

P.S. If any one wants to switch awards you may do so 😀
Thank you all, for “following me” and/or allowing to “follow you”


106 thoughts on “More Awards ☀ ღ ✌ ɦǟքքʏ

  1. Thanks for the ‘Lovely’ blog award. I am humbled. But it was ironic to link to a horror story for the ‘lovely’ blog award 😉

    Thanks again and you motivate me to keep the quality of the content high.

    • aww 🙂 that’s very sweet Belle 🙂
      I truly got my inspiration from your blog.
      Before I came across your blog, I have not seen a blogger who replied to every single comment received. And I liked it. And I copied it 🙂 And I am so glad 🙂
      It works, replying to comments really encourages people to come back 😀

  2. Thank you Mon Amie! 🙂 Woohoo more awards and am too overwhelmed, getting soooooo behind! Not good at all! 😦 😆 Seriously, these days am not even responding to comments, and I feel so bad. 😦 But I so wanna respond to each comment. lol I may have to take a day off to just do that! 😀 All I’ve to do is find a convincing reason to get that day off. Otherwise no one will give it to me!

    Coming back to the awards, … you are very kind mon amie! Two awards! wowz! 😀 Thanks! Me is yellow right now! 🙂 And … I was eying the third one but never mind, I guess I’ve to work on being genuine 😆 … Gosh, you gonna kill me! I should be grateful for what I have, right? 😀

    Now more homework for me 😦 I feel the load on my shoulder. But thanks for brightening my day! 🙂 I better stop being lazy!

    • Hey mon ami!!! I guess you only read once!!! Remember you have to read twice to get everything in 😉 Read again, and you will find your name all over 😀

      And about your commenting … yes I’ve noticed you lagging behind a bit these days 🙂
      vegabonding is taking its toll I guess 😛
      seriously I hope you are doing alright 🙂

      following and commenting is hard work. I too sometimes feel I need to take time off to just blog 😀 how crazy is that? if only I get paid for blogging I will spend my entire day right in front of this machine 🙂

      • 😆 Oh yes am in!! 😆 Woohoo … So complaining does help sometimes! 😛

        Thanks mon amie, you just made my homework more difficult! 😉

        Am alright just caught up doing stuff. 🙂 Yes following and commenting is hard work, dont tell me about it! 😆 But if money is involved, it may not be that exciting anymore. 😦 … money changes things. Now we do it out of love, but once we started doing it for money, things won’t be the same. 🙂 At least in most of the things I’ve been that has been the case.

      • of course complaining helps 😉
        why do you think people go on strikes, gather for demonstrations, sign on petitions etc etc … because the more you voice out your opinion the quicker things happen 🙂

        well as for money … we do need it for our survival… i do love blogging 🙂
        but can’t help wish …. if only money fell from the sky 😀 😛

    • you are most welcome Marilyn. I have enjoyed reading your insightful posts.
      Given me real food for my brain. and I am so impressed with what you do to bridge communities 🙂 keep blogging and spreading peace and understanding 🙂

  3. demonsking19

    wao vava viva 😀 and y im the funniest ? im not a clown fish ? :/ i watched in finding nemo that only the clown fish are funny 😛
    hey :@ i also nominated u for the one lovely blog award 😦
    btw waoo hhehehe 3 blogs i got on the same day on just one post 😀 dats a hatrick , im turning into lionel messi who scores hatrick and i got here a hatrick of blogging award B-)
    thanx amira, may u have many more awards so i can also have them 😀 hehehe 😛
    thanx 🙂 and congratulations oye 🙂
    lol apun kitna door ka sochta ha B-) phele se hi ma ne aik widger banwa kar rakhi thi 😛 hehehe laken ab tumhe aik aur award k leye nai drive bana kar dena pare gi 😀
    opps itna bara comment :/ itna bara bara agar me apne papers ma likhta tu aj top karta B-)

    • 😳 how could I make such a HUGE mistake. Ofcourse you gave me the lovely blog award. I made amends. I have changed it above 🙂

      you are the funniest, the kewlest, and the craziest 😛
      but you are not a clown fish 😯

      koi baath naahee Fanni dear. hum tho soach rahkaathaa aapkay waha widget banaakar sab karkeyhee post publish kareyngey hum. leykin phir b wagth kahaa hoathee hey.

      this post took an awful lot of time. but it was fun visiting all my followers and all the blogs I follow 😀

      • demonsking19

        hehehe now its perfect 😉
        yeah im not a clown fish im a Nalaik Panda the exam warrior B-) hehehe yeah im kool in winter n hot in summer 😀 hehe
        han lag raha ha itna zeyada likha, lagta ha kam as kam 5 hrs to lage hun ge tumhare 😛
        but yea its always a fun 🙂

  4. Wowza!
    Amira….you have touched my heart with your words, dear friend. I am speechless.
    Thank you so much! Three awards…wow. I am overwhelmed, and so flattered that you think of me in such a kind way. I am honored and humbled to read your post. You are such a special person. Thank you so much. ♥

    • you are most welcome Judy … my words come from my heart. And fortunately or unfortunately my heart is too honest for my own good 😛 😆

      thank you for the lovely comment ♥

    • You deserve the double nomination dear.
      For the lovely blog and the lovely photos.
      and for the great work that you do helping out others settling in 🙂

  5. thanks so much for the nomination!…getting award nominations for blogging feels so good..i mean i dont care if its virtual…its just that it feels good that people appreciate what I write…thank you once again gal!

    • Sure eva! you are welcome.
      Blogging is a peer to peer thing, as I see it.
      So yes, these awards and tokens really help us to grow as interactive bloggers 🙂

  6. Thanks very much for the award nomination (Askimet classified the pingback as spam, but I rescued it 🙂 )! There are tens of millions of blogs (with more debuting each day), so there IS something significant about being recognized.

    • Askimet does things like that doesn’t it?
      But I guess we have to be thankful there are so many horrid spam that it blocks for us 😀

      These awards and tokens really means that we are being read. And what more do we want as bloggers, eh?
      I simply adore your last photos 🙂 I already have one of yours as my desktop image 🙂

    • Thanks Jo. And you deserve the awards too 🙂
      I learned a few things from your blog. I simply adored your contents page. and I’ve tried something like that for mine too. 🙂

    • yes congrats to you and to me 😀 Gracias 🙂
      I can literally see your fingers going faster and faster tap dancing on the keyboard 🙂
      that reminds me of my thesis supervisor. her banging on the keyboard can be heard down the corridoor even as far as 15 feets 🙂

      muy amable too 🙂 is that the correct way to say “you are very kind” too ? 😀
      of course that’s not. what’s the proper way to say that?

      • Oh yes – it sure is the way to say kid.
        Kind = amable.
        I guess I am not typing fsat enough as I have so many I
        have missed. I have a voracious appetite to see everyone’s
        MMmmm … could that be an addiction??? ~~~~ : – )

        Love al the blog peeps I have met – inlcuding you.
        Besitos y abrazos ….!!!

  7. Congratulations on all your awards and kudos for taking the time to include many WoW! Thanks also for adding my blog to two of them… I am grateful for the gift. 🙂

  8. Dear Amira – congratulations to you for these blog award! Kudos & applause!! And thank you for including me in your list – that is very thoughtful of you, and I am honoured.
    At the same time, this is just a friendly reminder/advisory that pix & kardz actually does not receive awards. You may have missed this, so i thought i would share the link with you. this is not declined lightly or frivolously. i recognize the honour it is. thank you ever so much!
    looking forward to seeing you in future posts! happy blogging 🙂

    • awww. so you don’t display awards. that’s ok. up to you to do whatever you want with those awards 😀 i like passing it on 🙂 and i like displaying what others give me from their heart’s kindness 🙂

      i respect your decision.
      and thanks for the comment and visit. and I enjoy seeing LIKES 🙂
      do come back 🙂

    • Oh thank you island traveler.
      the word Island alone is enough to like you and your blog 😉 I am from the island country.

      but to be honest, your blog is awesome. Keep up the great work.
      thanks for the lovely compliment 😀

  9. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Hi Amira, thank you for nominating my blog for an award — dear one, I appreciate your generosity and belief in my work.You are a gem and your strength shows on your blog, needless to say! Keep penning and be in touch. Cheers.

  10. thank you Amira, really appreciate of you putting this much effort on writing down a post like this and making us so happy. I am sure it is not going to be easy. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will get many more.

    Thanks again.

    btw wow 77 in comments? impressive 😀

    • you are welcome MFB. thanks really goes to bloggers like yourself who kept me going with you regular visits 🙂
      If I made you happy with this post, then I have achieved what I wanted.
      The whole purpose of those awards are to give someone a smile 🙂

      yeah i’m struggling to keep up with the comments. but i like replying to every single one of them 🙂

    • oh that.
      Wordpress is really great. we have a dashboard where quite a lot of information is given.
      There is a list of who is following us. and there is a list of who we follow.
      And there is “Read Blogs” which shows us whenever someone in our “follow” list publishes a blog post (only wordpress blogs).
      and there is a “comments i’ve made” link which shows recent comments to other blogs I’ve left a comment. There’s a whole lot of stuff that we can do on wordpress.

      It’s been sometime since I used blogspot – so don’t really know what new features there are. Back then I found wordpress did a better job 🙂

      The best thing for this post was that linking to a specific post on a blog, leaves a pingback on that post. Which means I do not really have to go and leave a comment in each blog to say I have forwarded an award to them. I’m not sure if you got my pingback or not – yours being blogspot.
      (linking to the main page foes not leave a pingback)

      i guess i’m writing too much. so I cut short 😀

  11. Hi Amira,

    I was out of town for a few days and I returned home and to the blog to find that you have honored me with a Genuine Blogging Award. I am genuinely pleased and grateful.

    Adrienne (ATreeGrowsinBklyn)

    • Oh Jackie – you are most welcome 🙂
      and I see that you have done a wonderful joy spreading work by giving out such a huge hug to so many people 😀

      Thank YOU 🙂

  12. Thank you Amira. I am really honored. Sorry for the delay in responding. I now have two awards form you. I will soon put them up (at Shail’s Nest?)
    Thanks again. It is wonderful to be recognised and awarded by your peers, isn’t it? 🙂

  13. john tugano

    thank you so much for the award.Very much honored.The no. of awards you have is just a manifestation on how you affect your readers passionately through your lovely poems..You all deserved these awards..cheers..

    • Thank you John for the lovely comment 🙂
      I am humbled by the genorisity of my blogger friends.
      the awards are a menifestation of how lovely bloggers all around the world really are.
      None I know personally. But the community spirit is going strong 😀

      • john tugano

        Welcome Amira..we may not know each other personally but still were friends somewhere here on the so called Blogosphere..:)

  14. Amira!!

    I got here a little late, but it took me days to get to the end of this comment list to leave mine. Okay, not days, but awhile, LOL! First of all, congrats on all your awards and good grief, it had to take you days to do this post honoring all of us with linky dinks and all!! Thank you soooo much for including me in all this great company. I truly appreciate it! Phew, better late than never they say!!

    xx, Margie

    • these awards are not time bound 😆
      so no worries. even if you did not left a comment, the award is all yours 😀

      and no, it did not take days for the post. but it did take quite a while. I visited all of the links once to make sure I found a right post to link to. and second time to make sure the link works 😀 and some links I had to visit a few times … 😛
      it was fun really. and I learned a bit more about each blogger through this exercise.
      So I guess it’s only fitting that a bit scrolling is needed to leave a comment 😀
      and also, I’m taking advantage of the situation and putting sticky after sticky of posts that I woult like my visitors to read 😀

      congrats to you on your nomination and thank you for accepting and visiting 😀

  15. Mike is Happy

    Wait, what about the “Moderately-Funny-But-Sometimes-Tries-Too-Hard-Still-He’s-Funny-Enough-To-Check-Out-And-If-You-Do-Don’t-Worry-You-Won’t-Need-To-Take-Out-A-Restraining-Order-Or-Anything-He’ll-Just-Say-Thanks-And-Keep-On-Being-Moderately-Funny-And-Did-I-Mention-Long-Winded?” -award?

    • 😆 that’s an awfully long-winded award 😆
      i hearby declare you the recipient of the award that I cannot even start to name 😛
      and i seriously think you should try to follow your ambitious journey of becoming a pirate 😀

  16. Thanks, Amira! Right back atcha, girl! I do like the “Moderately-Funny-But-Sometimes-Tries-Too-Hard-Still-He’s-Funny-Enough-To-Check-Out-And-If-You-Do-Don’t-Worry-You-Won’t-Need-To-Take-Out-A-Restraining-Order-Or-Anything-He’ll-Just-Say-Thanks-And-Keep-On-Being-Moderately-Funny-And-Did-I-Mention-Long-Winded?” -award? 😉

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