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Unclear, hazy, fuzzy, imprecise, faint, vague, are all words that can be synonymous to ‘distorted’.
‘Distorted’ is the theme of this week’s photo challenge.
What more relevant theme can there be for the way I feel!

The block that I had in front of me,
the barricade that had stopped me from writing,
from expressing my thoughts,
has been none other than the distorted minds of
my own people – the fickle mentalities!
the irony, the insanity, the treachery of our politicians,
and the puppets that follow their whim!

My mind is going through unclear thoughts & emotions!
What is right what is wrong, I no longer seem  to know!
My mind has been in a distorted mess.
Patriotism I want to blame. My weak heart I leave to rest!
Do I take the flowers and run?
Or should I try to make the seller pure the way I want?

Image from Dhaka City - taken from a rickshaw ride

What my country is going through is a fuzzy time!
Who is right, who is wrong, what should be done,
nobody seems to know!
Everyone seems to have only a vague direction.
February 7th we saw a humble resignation.
February 8th we saw brutality of the ‘new’ government.

February 8th - upfront and upclose, military brutality - It was one hell of a day!

February 24th we saw the divide of the country.
None seem to be seeing the other half.
Everyone only sees their side, their opinion,
no yielding whatsoever!
And on that same day we saw the “puppet” President
taking sides in the open!
In some interviews he says he had no idea of what transpired,
had no idea the President resigned under duress.
He even went ahead and say that had he known,
he would not have sworn in as the new President! Duh!!!
What type of a clown is he trying to be???!!!

The clown standing in the children's park "Skippy" - to me is equivalent to our current educated President.

March 1st we heard the unyielding voice of the oppressed.
March 1st we also saw the parliament running wild.
March 1st we also saw an uncompromising “illegitimate” President.

Maldivian Flag at the Republic Square in Male' - not sure what this stands for right now

This flag has lost its meaning.
The unity it stands for is now hazy and faint.
Imprecise is the ideology and unity we should stand for.
Our vision is distorted and sees colors only in a blur.

There are so many ways to look at something.
We humans only choose what we want to see.
Me included!
For instance, today, I want to see the thickness of the trunk,
and therefore I look at the tree from this angle!

Pine trees stretching as tall as my eyes can see. From a stroll in the campus of my University back in Perth, Australia

Grow up people, and stop distorting the picture!

The following is a video from the political situation in our country.
I am just appalled at the distorted minds of some of our politicians!
Umar Naseer is totally pathetic!