Contrast is a distinction!


The distinction of the minaret in the setting sun;
The contrasting red sky,
a sight lasting only for a few minutes a day!
The emotions and thoughts at that fleeting moment,
very contrasting to that of the rest of the day!
Experience it yourself, by gazing in to the red sky.

The setting sun leaves the sky red. From my lens in Male' City

Within a span of a few minutes
witness so many different natural wonders,
playing with our sight!
What’s real, what’s apparition?
The sun lowering itself;
or the earth we stand on, rotating face?
My eyes tell me the sun is lowering itself behind the horizon.
Scientific facts tell me otherwise!

The setting sun multiplying itself; From Thulhadhoo island, Maldives

The setting sun, with its contrasting face,
can be white, red, or even black!
A lesson in itself for mere mortals;
reminding us to be ready to welcome unexpected change!

The sun on the downward bound; in fact it is this portion of the earth rotating away from the sun

It can be rays, it can be a fire ball, it can be defined
It can be splattered, it can be a blob, it can be a stroke of a brush.

The sun as a fire ball; Sun set from the Kuda Bandos Island

I call this my bleeding sun!

Take a moment longer to think;
to think about the contrasting image;
the different image just because of another change;
the change in how we see something because of its angle,
because of its situation, because of a mindset!

The best way to show how tall you are! The sun helps!

sun trying to hide? or the cloud trying to cover the sun?

Solar eclipse from 2010

My contribution to this week’s photo challenge: Contrast

56 thoughts on “Contrast is a distinction!

    • the eclipse was over no sooner than it started. Had fun taking snaps that day. And that one is taken with an x-ray sheet in between my camera and the eclipse:)

  1. So many beautiful images, Amira. But I’ve come to expect nothing less from you and the beautiful Island Country of Maldives!

    What lovely lessons on Contrast you deliver to us today, such creative and clever versions I had not even thought of!

    Oh..BTW….you had me on the first photo…I love the splash of vibrant pink and the lovely, exotic building shapes silhouetted against it. And then I enjoyed each one after that! Thank you for sharing!

    • thanks Judy:)
      you are just too generous with your compliments.

      vibrant pink, orange, red and a dash of yellow can all be seen up on the sky.
      one of the best moments of the day. and the rarest of time to have the luxary to gaze up the sky at that hour:)

    • that’s very true Sued51.
      I infact did thought about using some of my shadow photos.
      I have a variety of them in my archive.

      but then, my mind was too distorted and I wanted to rave about that:)

      thanks for the lovely comment

    • hmm
      I like that photo too. the angle is also nice … and the sun in a different form on the corner.
      It was just a random quick photo from my mobile phone. glad I did this post. the photo was just lying in my archive without much of an attention.
      am admiring it now:)
      thanks for the visit and comment Flora. it’s always encouraging:)

    • thanks Bindu:)
      I also like that one very much.
      more so because it was taken from my mobile phone which is not much of a powerful camera. but the shot cameout really nicely.

    • Thank you stumbler for the visit and the like:)
      the eclipse photo brings good memories … had so much fun witnessing it from our terrace …

    • thanks pix & kardz for the lovely visit:)
      yes I also like that one … the sun on that looks to me like a twinkling diamond on a ring😀

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