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The most unusual, extraordinary sights
I witnessed, I managed to capture,
capture through my lens
are fascinating rainbows
and the crab land with the colorful crabs.

Full rainbow, from my lens. An extraordinary sight it was.

This rainbow I witnessed while flying to Sydney
I couldn’t believe my eyes!
Never before, I imagined the rainbow to be circular.
I had always seen it, drew it as an arch.
Of course, in school I sort of learned how it is formed
but never has that fact about it actually being circular
stuck to the mind!

After that day, I always saw it as circular
no matter how little a portion I saw!

The prettiest rainbow I witnessed standing in my home. My home in Oz Land!

That day, in August 2008, made me truly realize
there are so many different angles to look at an object;
different angles to look at a phenomena.
Every angle gives you the same image
in a different perspective, and yet they are all correct!

The next most unusual, extraordinary sight
is none other than the crab land in Hithadhoo.

Crabland from Hithadhoo through my lens.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Never before I imagined what a crab land looked like.
Such an ‘army’, so synchronized!
They hide in their holes the moment they sense humans.
They all come out together the moment they feel secure.

A close-up of one of those lovely creatures. Through my lens. That day I went viral snapping.

Never before I imagined
there could be so much of a variety
such varying colors in those crab species.

The land itself was unusual.
Looks safe from a distance!
the moment you walk on it,
it turns to mud and holds you in.

The further you walked the deeper you could be pulled!!! After leaving my sandal, I went knee-deep :)

To me, these were unusual –
unusual, extraordinary sights!

And I cannot leave without sharing one more.
While the ‘people’ of my country were going hoha and gaga
over the monuments sent by the SAARC countries –
the ‘people’ calling them idols and demanding those be removed;
I find it rather unusual that this ‘idol’ like creature with eyes
remains in Male’ city!!!
I like the image, but I can’t help compare it with the monuments.

A rather strange and unusual sight for this country!!!

My contribution to this week’s photo challenge [Unusual]