Unusual and extraordinary!


The most unusual, extraordinary sights
I witnessed, I managed to capture,
capture through my lens
are fascinating rainbows
and the crab land with the colorful crabs.

Full rainbow, from my lens. An extraordinary sight it was.

This rainbow I witnessed while flying to Sydney
I couldn’t believe my eyes!
Never before, I imagined the rainbow to be circular.
I had always seen it, drew it as an arch.
Of course, in school I sort of learned how it is formed
but never has that fact about it actually being circular
stuck to the mind!

After that day, I always saw it as circular
no matter how little a portion I saw!

The prettiest rainbow I witnessed standing in my home. My home in Oz Land!

That day, in August 2008, made me truly realize
there are so many different angles to look at an object;
different angles to look at a phenomena.
Every angle gives you the same image
in a different perspective, and yet they are all correct!

The next most unusual, extraordinary sight
is none other than the crab land in Hithadhoo.

Crabland from Hithadhoo through my lens.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Never before I imagined what a crab land looked like.
Such an ‘army’, so synchronized!
They hide in their holes the moment they sense humans.
They all come out together the moment they feel secure.

A close-up of one of those lovely creatures. Through my lens. That day I went viral snapping.

Never before I imagined
there could be so much of a variety
such varying colors in those crab species.

The land itself was unusual.
Looks safe from a distance!
the moment you walk on it,
it turns to mud and holds you in.

The further you walked the deeper you could be pulled!!! After leaving my sandal, I went knee-deep:)

To me, these were unusual –
unusual, extraordinary sights!

And I cannot leave without sharing one more.
While the ‘people’ of my country were going hoha and gaga
over the monuments sent by the SAARC countries –
the ‘people’ calling them idols and demanding those be removed;
I find it rather unusual that this ‘idol’ like creature with eyes
remains in Male’ city!!!
I like the image, but I can’t help compare it with the monuments.

A rather strange and unusual sight for this country!!!

My contribution to this week’s photo challenge [Unusual]

40 thoughts on “Unusual and extraordinary!

    • true Shakilakhtar.
      At first I couldn’t believe my eyes.
      Good thing I had my camera with me, the photo is proof that I was not hullucinating that day.
      And then, later I did some further reading and found that it was unusual to sight it:)

    • I was scared that they might pinch.
      But after some observation and some attempts at walking on the land, I found that they were as scared of me as I was of them:)

      Glad you like the rainbow image. One of my pride captures to date.
      That image was taken 2008

    • I hope someday you get to admire it with your own eyes. I don’t suppose it can be seen from the ground.
      So when you fly, do keep a lookout for that.
      Whenever, I go on a flight, I am unable to close my eyes in case I might miss a rare sight like this:)

  1. Amira…your photos are so amazing and beautiful. Your rainbows are stunning! I have never seen a full rainbow. I think I’d be making a hundred wishes on it if I saw one!
    The rainbow at your home is gorgeous. I love the way the rainbow seems to be a border between light and dark skies. It’s a very pretty image with the lush greens to frame the photo too.
    The crab land is very interesting! When you sunk knee-deep in the mud, was that in crab-land? eek! 😉

    Very good interpretations for unusual….very extra-ordinary!

    • I never thought about making wishes on the rainbow.
      I should have wished to see similar sights more often.
      I should have wished for more visits to Sydney
      I should have wished for the world and heaven:)

      yeah I sunk in deep in the crab land. but it was worse than the crab part. the mud was further into the land and it looked so gooey. yucks. the memory makes me cringe inside😀

  2. Sonel

    Wow! Now that is stunning Amira! You were so lucky to catch the rainbow like that! Awesome! Love the crabs. They are so colorful! Great entry hon! *hugs*

  3. I’m always rivetted to the window on a flight- I can hardly believe what I’m seeing from up there sometimes, and the miracle that allows me to be suspended in the sky. Lovelly images.

    • thanks johanna.
      I feel so sad whe I have to travel at night.
      the happiest thought about sitting on a flight is getting a window seat to catch the lovely cloud formations, to marvel at God’s cleverness about the atmospheric creations etc😀

  4. A full rainbow – how wonderful!:) And yes, crab land. I was fascinated the first time I saw one of these – it left me wondering how they could be so synchronised, especially in such vast numbers!

    • thanks happysherlock.

      the crabs with their lovely colours outer shells, their syncrhonised hiding in their delicate homes and also coming out together in hundreds was just awesome.
      this crab land extended to as far as my eyes can see, both on my left and on my right from that vantage point. It was just an amazing sight:)

  5. Rainbow in circular way!!!..even i couldn’t believe my eyes Amy..the images are fascinating me.. they are absolutely fantastic and fabulous… the viral snapping you did. is amazing…extraordinary .. wow.. i would share this to my friend .. she admire a lot the unusual extraordinary beauty.. just like you

    • thanks Khushbu. for your lovely comment.
      and by all means, please share it with your friends if you wish.
      if someone get happy witnessing the beauty of God’s creation, it makes me happy:)

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