Through this and that …


Speeding through the tunnel in the van, on my way to Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Through the tunnel coming out to see this. The light and the mountain and the road. what a wonderful sight. And from here on it was spiralling up and up ...

The road shared by humans, vehicles and animals, captured through the front windshield of the van on the Colombo road. One has to make way to the other. And as it happens our van had to give way to the bull. Does not matter who was following the road sign shown as 'one way'

They get bailed out of their homes with a hook through their mouth, and now they are being barbecued with skewers through their head.

P.S. My contribution to this Week’s Photo Challenge: Through

30 thoughts on “Through this and that …

    • The fish photo is from Male’ – they tasted great, but i’m not much of a adieu person …
      The rest are from a visit to colombo.
      The tunnel was a great experience … The best part of that trip was the hill station:)

  1. Thanks Arindam.
    I like the first one too. The second one I added just to add more meaning to the tunnel :) the quality of that second one is not v good … Both taken from my nokia music xpress:)

  2. jenkakio

    Awesome photos. The fishes look so yummy!!! *tisk, tisk* The bulls should follow all traffic signs. LOL I’m just kidding.

    I’ve never been to Sri Lanka, but I would love to go there one day.

    • The food chain is a bit strange at times…. but that’s the karma of the fish isn’t it?😀
      At the same time I feel sorry for poor Mr fish …

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