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Dreaming of a dream so beautiful, with a smile
Dreaming of bliss with eyes wide open
Dreaming of the light in reach just across a mile
Dreaming of the wide seas, the wide ocean

Dreaming of rays of hope, so joyful
Dreaming of the laughter-like ripples of the ocean
Dreaming of the lullaby, the winds so wishful
Dreaming of rocking-together with the motion ;)

Dreaming a dream so content, serene and blissful
Dreaming of lightness, of glory, of radiance so golden
Dreaming of strength, stamina ever so powerful
Dreaming of uncontrollable, lustful, guilt-free emotion

Dreaming, just dreaming with no care in the world!
Dreaming a dream that can only be dreamt!
Dreaming eyes wide open, dreaming eyes closed!
Dreaming in the coolness of dawn, first rays of sunlight!

P.S. My contribution to this Week’s Photo challenge: Dreaming