The damaged child


Image source: Child Sexual Abuse: a bitter truth

She cringes – darkness
She braces – the vulture
She tries her utmost,
to stay alert, awake
To wade off danger

Slowly the world sleeps
Everything quietens
She too dozes off
Into oblivion

To be awaken
by the creaking of the door,
the screech of the hinges,
the sound of the latch

She peeks, scared as hell
Scared to even look
To sense the dark shadow
Overbearing, foreboding

She moves as in sleep,
to show she is awake
The shadow dashes
With time she relaxes
Succumbs to the overpowering sleep

To be awoken with the creepy feeling
Warning bells go off in her head
She moans, to be roughly silenced.
All the while she has her eyes shut
To wade off the nightmare

She wiggles her tiny little body
Ever so slowly for fear of retribution

Just a wee more sound – loud enough
enough to raise the sleeping bodies.
The shadow disappears into the darkness
To be repeated night after night
How many – unbeknown to her

At the break of dawn
the shadow – just a nightmare
A living breathing nightmare

In her gut she knows it is real
In her mind she is not so sure
Many a times bracing to open up
To be shut down within

Speaking out – shunned
Speaking of such darkness
Sins for a girl child

What can she do?
She just braces her tiny heart
Praying silently,
calling for a savior,
wishing for the never-ending,
terrifying ‘nightmare’,
to STOP.

P.S. In the past few weeks we have seen an increase in the number of child sexual abuse cases being reported here and the culprits prosecuted, thankfully. Still a lot more people need to be empowered to speak up and a lot more people need to be made aware that child sexual abuse is real.


25 thoughts on “The damaged child

  1. Excellent post with a important message in it. great work, Amira. You captured the unspoken pain in such a wonderful way. I am glad, you could speak up for all.

    • Thanks Arindam.
      We cannot even start to imagine the trauma of such cruelty.
      as individuals if we do our share of speaking up, things will improve 🙂

  2. How can one do such barbaric things, that too to little kids!? I wonder what punishment is given to those devils. Let God save our kids! You have narrated it so touchingly. Good job, Amira!

    • Yes Bindu. It’s hard to fathom what these cruel adults gets out of doing such awful things. God acts in weird ways sometimes … I can’t help question God for creating such nasty human beings….
      I pray God to have mercy on the small hearts… save our kids.

    • The sad part is that those young children you suffer from sexual abuse do not know how handle it … a greater effort needs to be made to increase awareness.
      I am thankful that in Maldives, people are actually starting to speak up abt such matters

  3. It’s difficult to read about these things. Your description is chilling. It is such a sad injustice to children. Hopefully, there will be more that are prosecuted so that a message can be heard, loud and clear, that this is not acceptable. Touching …..

    • It indeed difficult to read about it. And it’s harder to even imagine it.
      And I am sure it is much much harder to experience it.
      I can’t help wonder why God creates monsters and places them on this earth as human beings.
      But I guess God works in mysterious ways… we just have to have faith and go on. And do as much as we mortals can to find justice.
      thanks for the lovely comment

    • Thanks Kate, for the lovely comment and counting me in on those lovely awards.
      The rules of the awards dictates for us to spread it around. But I am feeling a bit lethargic to create new posts for the awards as I have already attempted it earlier.

  4. My heart goes out to this poor innocent child damaged and traumatized by an evil person without conscience. I hope her saviour comes quickly and put an end to this nightmare. I hope child abuse/exploitation will stop and the perpetrators to pay the highest punishment possible. A very moving post that speaks for all the victims out there.

    • There are so many children just like her on this earth. And it’s not just limited to girls. Boys have also been victimized in such a manner. These days we here so many cases like this in the media. And often times some adults blame it on the children … that child must have done this or that,, or the child is just lying etc etc.

      We as adults need to understand that child sexual abuse is real and that often times the children do not know how to get help. Often times it happens right within the family … so it is difficult to even fathom that any such thing can happen…
      but it happens.
      I just hope more people speak up and the ‘monsters’ are prosecuted and put behind bars so that no one else dare to repeat the same mistake …

  5. This is a topic which is so very close to my heart.. i get soo affected and hurt when i see these cases and like u, i also have seen a spike in child abuse cases lately and this is really hurting my soul.. this poem is breath taking and painful to read.. it made me cry a bit.. you write magnificently and eloquently and i can feel it comes from your heart.. i wrote a poem and a small short story series on this topic, do check it out when you are free.. 🙂

    • It is a sad sad thing to happen to anyone.
      And it is a reality … I am only thankful that we see more cases being reported.
      That means a high level of awareness and support from law makers.
      thanks for those links. I absolutely love your blog

  6. What a terrifying, but beautifully written piece, Amira. You do so much good by writing it and spreading the word. Abuse of all kinds is horrifying, but when I think of helpless little children, I just weep. Often no one believes them, or they are told to keep it a secret, bad things will happen. They are so innocent. God Bless them, and bless you…..for writing about it. Child abuse is everywhere in the world. Hopefully together we can work to banish this horrific crime against our littlest ones.

    • It’s a terrifying thought Judy. And yet, now and then we here stories like this.
      And many times, it happens that people are unable to comprehend the severity of what is narrated. It is bad enough that children have no idea how to voice such abuse. Worse when there aren’t ears to hear it as is told.

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