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Here i am trying to study, and I keep finding
other, better, interesting, amusing, and
exciting things to do.
I am trying to transcribe the interviews
that I recorded recently for my research and
it is proving to be such a boring task.
Half way through the listening and typing,
I just start to doze off.

So, I thought I should make a cuppa (coffee) for me.
I realized that I don’t have a spoon to stir my coffee.
Well, before I continue more with the coffee,
let me add a bit more.

This hasn’t been the greatest day for me,
I actually had to borrow a spoon from a fellow room-mate
from the research office, to actually enjoy
my home-made noodles lunch. Exactly!
I remembered to bring lunch, also with a fruit desert;
but forgot to bring a spoon or a fork.
So it was thanks to my friend
that I did not stoop down to ‘stealing’ a spoon
from the cafeteria outside the University library.

Anyways, I couldn’t ask my friend again. I couldn’t!
For one, he wasn’t there. Two, it was not right to rummage his desk.
So, I stirred my coffee with a ruler!
That was THE next best thing to a spoon I could find on my desk.
I thought it was hilarious that I was stirring it with a ruler.
It actually was NOT. :) But still, I was amused (again,
it was anything better than doing what I am supposed to do syndrome!).

Then I thought – OK!, I should write this up;
and persuaded myself that this was the best time
(of course anything other than the interviews)
to create that personal anonymous blog
that I have been thinking of creating for myself.
Yeah! i have my other blog –
more study related, more organized, and structured (serious and boring!)

Back to the blog creation:
I had been thinking about a blog
where I just write about anything and everything.
Not for the sake of sharing it with others.
But mostly for myself.
which could become a chronology of events for me.
In a sense, a diary!
which would be a good place to visit when I don’t have anything better to do or just want to doodle on. (In other words procrastinate).

So here it is – this is my blogiary

P.S. Rewrote this to a prompt from Daily Post at WordPress: Hindsight.
It was a fun exercise. I just edited my first post a bit.
Back then, I fancied writing in all simple letters, ignoring caps-lock altogether;
but have edited that out for this post.
And editing this, I just realized I am GOOD at procrastination :)
4 years and 8 months ago I was knee deep in the writeup of my thesis;
but I kept putting that work aside and doing everything else under the sun.
And today, I am the reverse of a student and I have such a huge pile in front of me to read. And yet, I am surfing the web, I am blogging, I am chatting, I am on FB, I am reading random news and yes! I am planning on going on a picnic tomorrow leaving all the work behind.

So yes. life is just a cycle. Nothing much changes. We only recycle and rewrite and try to redefine ourselves. But we are who we are!