A re-write from 4.8 years past


Here i am trying to study, and I keep finding
other, better, interesting, amusing, and
exciting things to do.
I am trying to transcribe the interviews
that I recorded recently for my research and
it is proving to be such a boring task.
Half way through the listening and typing,
I just start to doze off.

So, I thought I should make a cuppa (coffee) for me.
I realized that I don’t have a spoon to stir my coffee.
Well, before I continue more with the coffee,
let me add a bit more.

This hasn’t been the greatest day for me,
I actually had to borrow a spoon from a fellow room-mate
from the research office, to actually enjoy
my home-made noodles lunch. Exactly!
I remembered to bring lunch, also with a fruit desert;
but forgot to bring a spoon or a fork.
So it was thanks to my friend
that I did not stoop down to ‘stealing’ a spoon
from the cafeteria outside the University library.

Anyways, I couldn’t ask my friend again. I couldn’t!
For one, he wasn’t there. Two, it was not right to rummage his desk.
So, I stirred my coffee with a ruler!
That was THE next best thing to a spoon I could find on my desk.
I thought it was hilarious that I was stirring it with a ruler.
It actually was NOT.:) But still, I was amused (again,
it was anything better than doing what I am supposed to do syndrome!).

Then I thought – OK!, I should write this up;
and persuaded myself that this was the best time
(of course anything other than the interviews)
to create that personal anonymous blog
that I have been thinking of creating for myself.
Yeah! i have my other blog –
more study related, more organized, and structured (serious and boring!)

Back to the blog creation:
I had been thinking about a blog
where I just write about anything and everything.
Not for the sake of sharing it with others.
But mostly for myself.
which could become a chronology of events for me.
In a sense, a diary!
which would be a good place to visit when I don’t have anything better to do or just want to doodle on. (In other words procrastinate).

So here it is – this is my blogiary

P.S. Rewrote this to a prompt from Daily Post at WordPress: Hindsight.
It was a fun exercise. I just edited my first post a bit.
Back then, I fancied writing in all simple letters, ignoring caps-lock altogether;
but have edited that out for this post.
And editing this, I just realized I am GOOD at procrastination:)
4 years and 8 months ago I was knee deep in the writeup of my thesis;
but I kept putting that work aside and doing everything else under the sun.
And today, I am the reverse of a student and I have such a huge pile in front of me to read. And yet, I am surfing the web, I am blogging, I am chatting, I am on FB, I am reading random news and yes! I am planning on going on a picnic tomorrow leaving all the work behind.

So yes. life is just a cycle. Nothing much changes. We only recycle and rewrite and try to redefine ourselves. But we are who we are!

17 thoughts on “A re-write from 4.8 years past

    • Yes. I am glad I kept going at it. There has been months when I haven’t written anything at all. And there has been months where I have written daily.
      I guess this has become a part of my life now:) a wonderful part

  1. Ahh. Your post just touched me, because I went to college. I do not have my degree yet. My parents made me come back home to Vermont. I went to college in AZ. I was getting an A in calculus when they made me stop. I wanted to go on to physics. I was really enjoying it. I remember a lot of coffee and a lot of sunshine and hours studying.

    • Time in college or university is just one of the best times of life. During my first few years hot chocolate was the thing for me. The winter days in Sydney with a hot chocolate drink and an apple muffin is just unforgettable.
      And yes coffee late into the night trying to finish up the thesis also makes great memory. I wish you all the best for your future. Maybe you can continue college

      • I hope to. I have a three point eight six GPA and sixty -eight credit hours. So I am sure that I will some day. Basically I need two more years for a bachelors. I am a mother now. I have two boys. One of them lives with me. He is seven now. He is in the second grade and intermediate gymnastics and basketball both of which he has taken his “whole life”.

      • You don’t need college though to enjoy good food. If any one out there thinks that… that is a myth. Now that I am a stay at home mom when my son is at school I like to go to The Hunger Mountain Coop Cafe and have steamed hot cocoa or a salad for lunch. I like the atmosphere. Since I have time to eat alone I like thinking of ways to make it an inexpensive and wholesome event.

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