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I love traveling, experiencing new places, new culture, and meeting new people. I am more comfortable talking openly with people who I might never meet again. I befriend foreigners easier than I get close to locals who I see on a continuous basis. I guess I need a psychologist or psychoanalyst to tell me the why of that. :lol:

Anyways, the point of this post is mainly to explore the WordPress feature that lets us embed Google Maps to our posts. The Daily Post is challenging us to use this feature. The beauty of embedding really is that you can explore the surroundings of the map just by clicking and dragging on the images in this post. Try that.

Here I am trying to embed some of the best places I have had the fortune to visit. I was going to add all the nice places I have been to. But, the page loads so slow that I don’t want to burden my lovely readers. Therefore I am limiting to four locations.

The first one was the most anticipated, most daunting, most exhilarating place I have been to so far. The USA sounded like such a meanie but I found the place melting under my feet the moment I landed there. It was like love at first sight. I met lovely characters in Washington DC. And Oh My God the magnitude of the place. I simply loved the National Mall, United States Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, Library of Congress, the view of the White House, all the museums, etc

The first place I fell in love with was my first real home away from home in Australia. That’s the first time I lived in a ‘house’ other than my humble place in Male’. This is also the place I hold in my heart as my dream house.

My first touristic experience was visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. That was my real first expedition overseas. Back in 1998.

The last place I share today is Bhutan. My love affair with that country will always remain a special journey of my life. I learned the joy of laughing for the sake of laughing. This visit gave me a thrill that I had not known before. My love of mountainous air, long drives, and flirting with life has a connection to these two points in Bhutan – journey between Phuntsholing and Thimphu.

I know I promised four places. But let me, the patriotic citizen I am, add a fifth place. Especially because my followers are mainly foreigners. Let me add my humble country. :)

What you see below is Male’ city. An island not more than 2 sq km of land surrounded by the ocean. Male’ is one among the 196 islands that are inhabited. The Maldives is made up of 1192 islands.

Note for people who are new to the Maldives. Drag your mouse to the left, and on the right side of Male’ you can see our international airport which is an island in itself. To get out of the airport you will have to catch a boat, Dhoani, or you have to board a sea plane. Linked to the airport, on the right side of the airport, is a totally artificial island. It was reclaimed from the ocean by dumping tons and tons of sand collected from elsewhere. This new island was created to overcome the congestion of Male’ City. Male’, it appears, is among the most highly-dense capitals of the world.