Wherever you are,
hope you are doing good,
keeping well,
beaming with happiness,
surrounded by kindness,
and content.

I have missed you
and I suppose will always miss you.
You brought something nice with you
and blessed me with that niceness.

I do wonder from time to time how you are,
what you are doing, and how life’s treating you.
But I guess I am meant to not know anymore.

While I am here, let me tell you that every single night,
for a long time, I used to get startled
by the reminder of the night prayer.
Our mobile devices is such intrusive at times.
Even if this is a bit cheesy, let me say this:
your essence seeped into my head every single such time.
I no longer look at my device lest it repeat.

Let’s just wrap this letter
wishing you happiness and smiles always.