African grain salad


I was being treated to a dinner. A thank you dinner of sorts. Eating out is not my thing, for lots of reasons — will perhaps talk about the reasons some other time.


Tonight, I was looking at the menu at Nandos, fidgeting while trying to figure what I could eat, or want to eat.

I certainly didn’t want too much chicken even though I know Nandos chicken is super yum.

It being Nandos there is not much option though. I was looking for rice and a side that it can go with.


Interestingly rice is a side dish at Nandos. And except for Nandos chicken, other options were a limited number of sides, really salads. I do love coleslaw, but I can’t really have it. I was thinking in my head “what a bummer – a dinner at home would really be better”. And then my eyes rested on this item that said African grains. Hmm. Interesting I thought!

So there I was exploring what it was, obviously there are reasons for that curiosity, fascination, amusement, and also bemusement.

It was nice with the mildly spicy rice. I would have loved to have something like butter chicken or even deviled chicken to go with that. Alas! I just had to be content with Nandos sauce to make my meal less bland. The salad?  It was an interesting mix of grains with an interesting taste and lots of thoughts running through my brain.



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