Nothing is meant to last isn’t it?
Not happiness nor gloom.
Not laughter nor cries.
Not smiles that reaches the eyes, nor worry lines that creases the face.
Not the assurance of a dear friend, nor agony of monsters in disguise.



Paper daisy from my garden. Seeds to seedlings, to straw-like gawky stems eventuating in a colorful delight that lasts and lasts and lasts.


as at August 2016

P.S. next season I’m not gonna leave them in the garden in their natural setting. The flower lasts forever, but the sun takes the color off and all the flowers become white. The cut flowers resting in a vase inside the house still has the radiant pink intact and they look as fresh as it was the first day it bloomed. No wonder it gets the name of paper daisy.


as at Nov 2016


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