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I do love my plants. I love them to the extent that they complete me. They give me life by being life themselves. Plants are better than human companions. Plants give you back unconditionally. They are there when you want them and they can blend into the background and be one with nature without being intrusive, judgmental, or detrimental.

Plants ask so little in return.

Give them as much water as they require when nature doesn’t take care of it with its bountiful rain. Knowing when and how much water to give them is something that one needs to learn overtime.

Place them in the right location for enough sunlight. Different plants require different degree of light.

Keeping up with plants and their quirks do take some effort. It is a give and take relationship as much as a human to human relationship is. But at least plants don’t hurt you and thus you don’t hurt them back either in that process of loving each other. Even when one of them passes on, it doesn’t leave gloom and darkness in their wake. Of course, it’s painful to see a plant die or whither – but it’s easy enough to replicate another one.

My plants, all of them, are so adorable and so kissable. These strawberries are more so. This particular plant has lived with me now for over a year, and survived in two different houses through autumn, spring, summer, winter, autumn, and this spring.

The darn snails do get a hold of them and eat away at them from time to time. I am thankful that the plant has not succumbed and given up on me, unlike certain human beings have. No matter how much slug and snail, barren winter and harsh summer, plant and me stick together for better or worse. Smile.


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