There’s at least someone who has not given up on me and I not given up on. Stood steadfast through 2 autumns, 3 winters, 3 springs, and now embarking on our 3rd scorching summer.

Not much to show in size for that duration though. But amazingly she never wavered. Come cold or heat, she just perseveres the same.

She is Madame lychee. Once upon a time she was a seed from a fruit I ate. She is among the two seeds to shoot from the handful I lay to rest in the dirt. She moved to a pot months later when I had to move her. She stayed at a friend’s for one summer while I was away getting my throat slit.

She moved into the new place on my return and again moved to this current place last summer. This summer we are moving again, Insha Allah. Such is life from here to there, drifting, traveling along…

To me she is magical.


Madame Lychee as at today. I know it doesn’t look great. But what’s important is she stays with me and reinvigorates herself never letting be taken away by the changing seasonal conditions.


This was a year ago. Madame Lychee looked almost the same. Looking back on my photo collection I now realize I don’t have too many photos of her while I have loads of photos of some of the other much greener, eager, seasonal ones.


The tiny tot as at Nov 2014


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