The closest guess for the violet flower is Dampiera juncea.

Sometimes I wonder why can’t life be as simple as these plants? They stop growing in the cold, invigorates themselves with spring and comes to full life with the sun in summer.

These plants in my garden has already started to show me their regal side in their fuscia, lavender, and violet – of course cosseted in their green leaves and elegant stems.

I don’t know the names of any of those plants. Until I learn that, Ms. Fuscia, Madam Lavender, and Sweet violet they are to me.
But then again, lavender is already a name for another plant isn’t. Maybe that color is more Blush than Lavender anyways?



2 thoughts on “Regal

    • Oh so you must be on the opposite side of the globe. Out summer starts in about half a month. Not so looking forward to the plus 40s heat.
      But summer overall is full of energy. So that’s good. Winter hibernates everything including human body and brain 🙂

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