Kamrun and Feride the lovebird (aka calikusu)


I have been on a time-wasting journey of immersing myself in a Turkish family drama, set in the very interesting historical setting of the Ottman empire.

I was looking for something worthwhile to watch as a time-pass after dinner and before the time to crawl into bed. No need to crawl in unless I’m dead tired as I will not fall asleep and just toss and turn while the brain goes on a frantic ride of conjugating lots of conversations, scenarios, dreams, hopes, etc. all at once. Numbing the brain with beautiful cinematography is better than having a brain-ache isn’t it?

At least I think it is better 🙂 And that is what matters.

The last weekend of last month, after dinner, I was flipping through Netflix and the first cover on the “suggestions for you” did catch my imagination (yes the personalized content-push based on previous watches is just awesome).


That image captured by attention. The title was so so. I mean it does connote that it is going to be full of mushy gushy romance and heartbreak isn’t it?

What drew me though was the holistic image. The swing, the clothes, the posture, the green, the sun peeking through the leaves, and yes of course – to some extent the beautiful people too 🙂

I mean, they don’t look like people from this era. They don’t look like your everyday Bill, Harry, & Susan (I don’t know where those names came from).

I read the brief description about the movie. That’s when I realized it’s a TV series. Noted that each episode is 48 minutes long. That was a deciding factor in starting to watch. I try not to sit more than 2 hours in front of the TV. Don’t have the patience to watch a movie for longer. So I thought “oh well in less than an hour I can get up and go to bed”.

Alas! I should have known better.

I do get pretty badly addicted to serials. And thus I make it a point to not start watching a series. This one proved to be quite enthralling. I was telling myself “OK! one more”…. “Just another one more”. And finally after another one more. I forced myself to get up and crawl to my room.

I couldn’t wait for the next day to end. I Googled for the series and it told me the series was terminated at the 30th episode. The reviews were good though. I just had the urge to watch it and get it done with. I rushed home, rushed through dinner preparation, cleaning up after, and then a steaming chai in hand got into my favorite sofa promising myself no more than 3 episodes at the most. I was in that sofa even past 3 in the morning. Pathetic much I know 🙂

The next night and the next night and the next after that next night, I was continuing the torture on me. Promising myself not more than 2 or 3 episodes but ending up watching till I dropped dead. Waking up groaning and moaning and rushing through the day to go and sit at work as a zombie and rushing back home.

I was almost close to the 30th and feeling a sense of relief that this torture will be over soon. I know right? I say torture and yet I enjoyed it. Anyways, it turned out 30 was not the last. There were more. I was stunned. Devastated. I mean I needed to get over it and move on with life. Move on with studies and move on with trying to get a proper night of sleep. Alas!

To begin with I found the drama quite interesting. Lovey-dovey and all. By 40th it had become a drag. I was cursing the series.

Finally I’m done watching.

Up to about the first 30 episodes my rating is 8 stars out of 10. By the end of the 72 episode, the final one, my rating is 5 stars. The end was quite rushed and cramped.

Here’s the best screen. I think it was somewhere in the first 5 episodes. The question made me relate and associate to another time and place.


The most interesting bit about this time-wasting experience was that I learned where Turkey is, I got a glimpse of Turkish people and culture, I also now have a fascination with the Turkish language. I am not sure what language those people were speaking. My guess is it is either Turkish or Kurdish. What I know is that I picked up some words like A’n’nay (mother), yok (no), Sakkand (Don’t or maybe stop),  Abla (sister I think), Pattis (potato), asthaaney (hospital), bey (respectful endearment to men), hanim (respectful endearment to women), vazifey (job), makthabey (school), thamaam (ok), kaafi (enough), babek (baby/child), evek (yes). That’s all I can recall for now. And of course, that’s how I heard them. Might have got it wrong 🙂

The entire 72ish hours of this madness was about watching the images and reading the sub titles 🙂 I could only make out a handful of words from the actual conversation. There were a few Arabic words, and also some words that sounds quite similar to Urdhu. And yes, at the boarding school Feride and friends converses in French in class. It was a refreshing reminder of my fascination and the attempted learning of French.

The series captures the time of first blood transfusion, treatment for meningitis, the time of horse driver carriages the norm and quite interestingly bicycle as the new awe inspiring innovation at the disposal of the elite.

Anyways, I can now perhaps start to be a bit studious.


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