Ostentatious luminous Mufti Menk


The word ostentatious to me says all about my take on the garb religious preachers put on. Nothing puts me off more than that. The showy display of what they are. This includes a number of religions. I am not saying all religions are that. Some religions have a very humble attire of simple clothing like the Buddhist perhaps. Compare that against the garb worn by the Pope or the high order group of some sects of Christianity. I don’t want to judge anyone on what they wear. But what I’m saying is, that to me personally, some of those clothing just means they are overly show offish.

Let me talk about my faith. I am a Muslim and believe in the religion. I’m not overly religious though by some standards. I have my failings where I am not able to follow some aspects of what is preached. I have something against preachers obviously. I hardly can sit and listen to someone preaching. Of course I do read up on concepts that I have a curiosity about. I watch videos to answer my knowledge gap when I find myself questioning things. Even then, I will stay a mile away from pretentious preachers.

To me pretentious is quite largely aligned to their ridiculous garbs. The whole purpose of this post is to talk just a little bit about Mufti Menk. Just a little. Mostly it’s about my opinion of course, and to a large extent I want to show of my birth place.

I have allowed myself to watch only a tiny bit of his preaching. Mufti Menk has a very charismatic smile, luminous skin, recited the Quran beautifully, and his talks are interesting and humorous and down to earth. But his costume… is just ostentatious.

The great Mufti Menk was in my humble country last week, I hear. I have seen FB updates from friends back home quoting him on this and that – and good quotes really! I have nothing against his preaching – to be honest I have no idea what he preaches on. It’s just his ridiculous looking attire that puts me off.

Anyways, he posted on his FB page these two images that made me nostalgic. I’m yearning to see my country again.

15036679_10154116104931971_7084255090443367528_n 15069125_10154116104096971_1073840429076831358_o

And here is what he had to say about my birth city (Male’) and my country:

This is #Male from the air. The captial city of the #Maldives. It is an Island that is only 2.2 square miles and has a population of 130 000 making it one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The airport is a separate island and can be seen in the picture. The runway starts at one end of the island and ends at the other. The Maldives is made up of 1200 islands. Some of the most beautiful islands on earth. The Sun Island Resort and The Paradise Island Resort are just some examples of its jaw dropping beauty.


Oh! Here’s the ostentatious Mufti Menk, with all due respect 🙂



3 thoughts on “Ostentatious luminous Mufti Menk

  1. Well, my dear sis doesn’t go on the outer appearance.There can be a reason for his dressing, You have seen his all talks, how funny he is and the wisdom he speaks, He is just trying to break the stereotyping and the cliche about the muslim scholars who dress up like this. He is just trying to show that not all people who dress up like him are bad, he is so full of fun you has even tried electric skateboard, Yes you gotta watch his video riding one it was so hilarious.
    Start listening to Ustad Nouman Ali khan then if Mufti menk dressing freaks you out, Mufti Menk and Ustad Nouman Ali khan are kind of best friends and Ustad Nouman Ali khan has to say something about Mufti menk dressing, he says he wants Mufti Menk to dress up in a Suit and in exchange of that Ustad Nouman Ali khan who wears suits all the time, he will try mufti menk dressing.
    the best thing about mufti menk is he preached so much for the women rights, he has lectures on treating your women right and on the top of that he encourges the women to do fitness excercises, he even says that all of women of the community can buy gym equipments and start their own neihbour hood gym.

    • Dearest Fanni
      How did you conclude that people preaching in a long cloak are bad?
      I have nothing against anyone preaching. And as I said before, I really have no idea what he preaches about because I just can’t tolerate his use of the garment. But it’s a free world after all. He can dress whichever way he chooses. And I get it that one has to differentiate himself if he wants to put ahead and stand out. There are so many preachers out there, anything to grab the attention works I suppose. It’s pure marketing. Kind of marketing that works on me negatively.
      My whole point about my brief rant on him was about the absurdness of the garment. It was just me judging, using my independence. It was no attempt to spite him.
      I’ve watched Ustad Nouman and I quite liked the one video I watched. He looks plausible and I actually was able to tolerate listening to his lecture. But with Menk, I have never been able to tolerate more than a few minutes of him. Just because his garment put me off so much. I believe I have a right to what I can tolerate and I can’t.
      Whether he preaches about women’s right or not doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t need someone to tell me what I can do and not do. I go by my instinct and our rights are already in black and white in the Quran and Sunnah.
      But yes, thank you for reading my rant and your feedback. At least now I know he doesn’t go around condemning women to hellfire. 🙂

      • Yes that is totally Fine, Like his garments puts you off, there will be many that will be attracted towards him because of the garments. So for those people this kind of appearance works, But Mufti Menk generally talking He is a gem for the Ummah.
        Yes they are there in the Quran, But as you your self said that his recitation is amazing , so sometimes listening to the same thing from the Quran in some ones else recitation creates an everlasting impact.
        neway I am atleast Glad that You watched him. Do try to watch his video in these cloths while riding an electric skate board 😀

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