Pistachio ice cream and rehi please


I hardly ever miss home-home these days. At dinner, tonight, I suddenly craved “theluli rehi” though. Those crunchy, a little spicy, deep-fried bait fish — Maldivian style.


Just a small portion can sate my hunger for that. I guess it’s going on my wish list of goodies to request from home. I always have a hard time giving them an answer to “what can we send you?” Not this time. I will have to wait for January to end though.

Also, it’s the most awaited and dratted summer starting now. The heat is hitting us and the cravings for something cold is on the rise. There’s nothing better than a pistachio ice cream to quench my thirst. Strangely, I haven’t seen any here that meets my requirements on that.

I’m wondering, should I ask them to send me a tub of pistachio ice cream too? Will it live through a 13 hour flight time and 2 hours of transit as well as another 3 hours of airport clearance and all? I guess not.

I’ll just indulge in a photo of it and satiate my craving.


Writing prompt: Sated


2 thoughts on “Pistachio ice cream and rehi please

  1. I also have a hard time when my family members ask “What should we send you?”, because as soon i get it I finish and I crave for it even more, so I tell them I don’t want anything unless they can send large quantity of it.

    • That’s sensible. It’s not the easiest to get rihaakuru and the likes past customs here 🙂
      Trying to live without it is better I suppose.
      More reason to hurry bakc home too.

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