The weird and interesting stuff I keep learning, is simply amazing.

I have been plagued with a severe case of gastric ailments and since 2007 have continued to seek medical help trying to find a solution to it. I know it is a real condition because I suffer from it, I have suffered from it for a long time. Last half a decade has been worse. I get nauseated, I get wind, I have severe reflux where my stomach is not able to hold onto its content, I get easily constipated because my digestive system doesn’t seem to handle some food, and I get severe headaches that recently was diagnosed as migraine.

Interestingly, there is nothing much of a physiological cause for all of this. I was diagnosed at one point with a hiatus hernia and almost ended up under the blade. Now I realize that the condition could have been an end result of all the retching, nausea, vomiting, and straining. A few years ago, I was put on strong medication to help reduce the trauma on the stomach and it eased the pain at least. But I was told that I just have to manage my stress, and diet at the same time and that the medication cannot be taken long-term. In short it’s a matter of lifestyle management.

But that’s where I always was left baffled. I mean, I had no idea what I need to be doing. What stress? Everyone has their difficulties in life and I don’t consider I have a life any worse than others. In fact I have had it good. I take things in good stride and always try my very best to stay positive. Hardly anyone has seen me weep or collapse out of fatigue (Note: no good showing anyone either). I handle my stress the best way I could and stand up every single day and face the world. I have always been a mindful eater. I consume natural products, I stay away from fizzy drinks because I have long known that doesn’t sit well with me. I have for a long, long time (since about I was 20 I think completely steered away from anything potato because I knew without a doubt in my mind that potato makes me belch, gets the wind moving up from the stomach through the wind pipe up and just keeps moving up and down my throat giving me heart burn. Not to mention the moving pain in my body that is followed with the resulting severe gastric episodes. The pain mostly sits on my left shoulder, below my chest bone, lower back, neck, and rarely in those very severe attacks it sits above the skull and below the scalp. It is no hallucination that the pain was real, it existed.

There was nothing more infuriating than going to the doctor hoping for a relief, for a solution, and leaving more exasperated than before with their lack of a plausible explanation for the condition.

Slowly, but surely, finally I am learning that the brain, the memory, has a great deal of power in the physical wellbeing of this human body.

Today, I was introduced to the concept of somatisation. And also some tactics the can help desomatize. Whatever that means!!!

All of this could hugely be associated with placebo too.

I am still baffled though.


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