Mr Guava


In spring 2014 I planted some seeds of guava fruit from a friend’s house. Never imagined it will work. Never have seen a guava tree growing earlier. As it happens I sow seed all over the place, and from all types of fruits and veggies I eat. So at first I couldn’t tell what the new plant was. A smell of the leaf did confirm it has to be Guava.

Mr Guava here has been growing ever since, steadily.

It flowered last month, the first flower bloomed first of this month, and I’m ecstatic 🙂




Mr Guava at the end of last year, just so cute 🙂



2 thoughts on “Mr Guava

  1. It is thrilling when that happens. I didn’t notice the first fruit till it was ripe and ready to eat. How it escaped the birds and squirrels, I will never know. 🙂

    • I check the trees and talk to them first thing in the morning and just after returning from work and any other time I get to step into the garden. I am hellbent on seeing every stage of the fruit that I’m yet to see 🙂

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