My Passion

Out under the warm sun
the variety of green leaves
the uniqueness of the growing being
some straight as a stick,
some twisting and turning and creeping all over the place
some branching out like a typical tree diagram
some just erupting with greenness
some just burst of color
some just pine like elongations
some with leaves spread open and wide
like the warm embrace of a loving mother duck.
That’s my garden to me.

Here, today, right now, I am standing in front of my passion.

The exotic passion fruit. We Maldivians call it jumhooree meyvaa. For the love of God, I have no idea why it is called such. Jumhooree in Dhivehi means Republic, meyvaa means fruit – thus Republic fruit. wtf!!!! seriously! I now have this urge to research on “why that name?”. I’m sure there must be a simple answer to it.

Let’s park it for now and talk about my passion. I planted them seeds very early last year. Only one plant emerged out of the soil and then it kept growing.

It is, or she is, or he is, passion in its full sense of it. Such passion in growing healthy, quickly, and elegantly. The passion-fruit flowers are one of a kind. I, sadly didn’t manage to capture a flower in bloom as that happened sometime around June-July and I was busy elsewhere neglecting my garden. I managed to capture the sad-looking tail end of the bloom.



Sometime around mid-year


Right now 🙂

Last year I had a hell of a time moving with the house-move. Now, I have to again wrap it up and move. The agony of it, especially under the very, very, warm sun.

P.S. Found a blooming photo in my archive 🙂
I did not neglect my passion completely after all 😀



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