Why do people steal?


Do we all do this? Is it human nature to steal? Why do we steal? Is it only because that person is in need of what that person doesn’t have and is forced by circumstance to take things off others? If so every person would be stealing because not a single person is happy with what they have.

So, does that mean, people steal because it is an addiction? If so, how do they get addicted to that? The first attempt certainly cannot be an addiction.

So, does that mean those who steal, steal because that’s what they know what life is about? Have they been brainwashed by action or by words that what the other person has is rightfully theirs and that it needs to be taken off through deceit?

I’m just trying to come to terms with my home being broken into, and valuables taken off of me – that most probably has no real value to the thief. What are they or he or she going to do with an old tatty laptop that I have had for 9 years and not being used, that is no longer functional, but kept safe in its bag just for sentimental value!

What I am trying to come to terms with is really the vulnerability of our existence. My home being invaded, at the dead of the night, with extra police surveillance cameras sitting a 100 meters from my home and yet to be invaded is scary. I am not at all bothered (at least not much bothered) with the valuables that were taken the previous night. Nonetheless, the thought that my hard earned valuables sitting in other rooms could have been taken just like that by anyone is a confronting thought. The previous night I luckily was in my study working away into the night. The only place without a human body was invaded and looted. I can only be thankful that nothing of much financial value was in there as I am in the midst of packing. But the thought “what if if I was not home?”

Someone works day in and day out to earn enough money to survive and provide a shelter and put food on the table and provide a dignified living for the family. Someone else has no qualms about just breaking into a house and grabbing what they fancy with no thought into what the other person has sacrificed to own that.

More than the loss of material items, what bothers me more is the sense of dread left behind, the dread of being victimized. It’s a loud declaration of our vulnerable existence.

I guess human beings are meant to inflict pain and suffering on the next human being.


4 thoughts on “Why do people steal?

    • Well, whatever they do they still are human beings.
      Sad really that there are people like that.
      Just this week I came face-to-face with someone trying to break in. A young lad. Only if they can understand how much of pain they give us. At the same time, I just can’t help but think of what pain/hardship had they endured to retaliate this way against every human being…

    • I can only be thankful in my case it was as simple as someone coming in through the window with minimal damage to it, silently taking a few items of importance but leaving soon realizing I was at the other end of the house.
      Sadly, last night I witnessed how devastating it could be. My neighbor’s home got broken into (they are away on holiday it appears) – their windows are completely smashed, every single cupboard, drawer, item had been gone through looking for whatever, whoever they were, were looking for.
      Such is life

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