My Award Closet is dated :)


I used to spend time on blog awards some years ago. And then life played up and I lost interest in a lot of stuff. One such was the gusto of blogging for fun. The need to please kind bloggers who send award nominations ceased and I just started to let those nominations die down a natural death. I just was too pressed for time, and couldn’t do justice with the bloggers who send nominations with the best interest of spreading the word. I

Most of these fun awards were exchanged 2011ish. And yet, it has remained idle as widgets on the side of my blog page.

This is the first day of this brand new year 2016, and I wanted to do something different. The day is almost over and nothing different has occurred. So here I am. Being an active force in making change happen – at least on Amira the blog 🙂

I want to have a new look for my blog. I want to get rid of some clutter. Nonetheless, I am a keeper of token gifts and souvenirs. Hence, I am just reshuffling the stuff. Getting the awards from the side widgets to this page for safe keeping 🙂

Dated 1 Jan 2016


These tokens, these awards, keep coming.
Quite a nice welcoming thought really –
Come conditioning, it has to go out to many more.

This page I dedicate to the tokens, the images, the awards
This page I dedicate also to the lovely bloggers who gifted me with those.
This page I dedicate also to my nominees,
[Why i choose, how i choose, there is a reason
so i make this page just for that reason]


This is the last set of Awards I accepted. For more on my thoughts, nominations, answers to blog acceptance, and whatnot follow on to the Awards acceptance speech at
Trophy Closet …

Here I will just reproduce the Award images.

Tell me about yourself award

Tell me about yourself award given to me by Alyson

One lovely blog award

given to me by Tazien & Kavi

Beautiful Blogger Award

given to me by Nazish

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

given to me by Tanumoy & Kavi

Best Moment Award

given to me by Tanumoy

Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award

given to me by Tanumoy

given to me by Alyson

Inner Peace Award
given to me by Tanumoy

Most Influential Blogger Award
given to me by Tanumoy

Sunshine Award
given to me by Tanumoy

Versatile Blogger Award
given to me by Tanumoy

Versatile Blogger Award given to me by Maria

Super Sweet Blog Award

given to me by Tanumoy

Leibester Blog Award.

given to me by Aisha

Click here to see more details on nominations for this set of Awards.


  This Award thanks to ferragudofan 


This Award thanks to Kate

My nominees:

Mrs. Sparkly’s 10 Commandments Award. Thanks to
I let 5 bloggers to nominate themselves.
I inturn tagged:

Awesome Blog Award
give to me by Elyas & Sunshine

My nominees:



Hope Unites Globally Award given by ahopefortoday.

This prettty pinkish
(I totally adore it pink, & flowers) One Lovely Blog Award I receive thanks to Jake [again!] 🙂



This elegant looking
Genuine Blogger Award
I have thanks to the creative Jake

I just love this. This award given by Jake & */-)ndr¡X* 🙂 Thanks



This Lovely Blog Award thanks to Sunshine.

I KNOW… she surely is the sunshine … shining my blog with all these awards 🙂


This award, thanks to Sunshine and Cee

           My nominees for 7×7 Link Award 🙂

————————————————————————————Thanks to Sunshine for this award.
My nominees for Kreativ Blogger Award


Thanks to promising poetsparkinglot.
The rule says I have to nominate one.
I nominate none other, but kweschn!


Candle Lighter Award thanks to Judy and Elyas 🙂
It honors me to be thought as someone dreaming, never giving up 🙂 A joyous ending to 2011

My nominations for this Award …

———————————————————————————— x 2
This award, thanks to MFB

My nominees for Liebster Blog Award (second round):

  1. Just the two of us / by Kweschn [aka Elyas]
    > … Let’s walk in Rome
    or feel the sun in Khartoum.
    Let’s kiss in Zanzibar
    and sail to Singapore.
    Let’s surf in the Maldives
    or climb the Alps.
    Let’s get wild in Rio
    and smile in Tokyo…
    < to read more click here.
  2. I miss you ! / by timurwali
    When there was ‘Love’ in your heart
    You accepted me the way I was
    And Now that love’s gone!
    You are looking for reasons to complain…
    < to read more click here.
  3. Why! ? / by eva626
    > … when was the last time you saw it?
    the horror you felt surrounding your body?
    the mind melting away into residue?
    the heart stopping to footsteps?
    the ryhme completing your story?
    the blood flowing…all gory? …
    < to read more click here.
  4. Love Me if You Dare / by ZebibaMillion
    > … I may sting with my fin sometimes
    you wont be happy at times
    I will float with you in heaven
    I may take you for a ride in hell
    I may place you on the highest pedastal
    I may drag you to the ground…
    < to read more click here.

  5. The unforgivable metal birdie
    > … It maybe a creative idea gone wrong on the part of SAARC organizers to come up with the idea of statues which is scorned by everyone across the board. But like everything else it has a money trail in the millions which probably is the reason why they are hastily fixed there without any public consultation or regard to peoples sensibilities …
    < to read more click here.


This award given to me by a Pakistani Boy Judy 🙂

My nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Her Passion / by Kweschn [aka Elyas]
    > … She is a glowing flame;
    she is my joyful, colorful dream!
    Her passion,
    awakens my emotion!
    Am really screwed,
    totally doomed! …
    < to read more click here.
  2. So Much Poverty, So Much Riches / by a Pakistani Boy
    > … Well, here I was in my lawn, in my village, wearing the clothes i had designed specially for myself with so much love. While outside our house people started to gather. I decided to have a look. And i did have a look. Children holding shopping bags, women, men, babies, kids with clothes so new and shiny and kids with nothing to wear.
    < to read more click here.
  3. Awsome Anushka 5 : The Right Thing  / AriRambles [aka Arindam]
    > … I felt like a knife had cut through me, shred me into pieces as I stood there listening to her. I did not want to live without her, anyway. What can I tell her now? Will we even stop being friends… I should not have done this, I should have kept my emotions in check.. Controlled myself.. Oh God! What now?
    “I hate you, I don’t want to talk to you ever again…” Anushka said and walked away…
    No.. No, don’t go away.. I will never do this again. I will be JUST FRIENDS… throughout my life. Don’t leave me…. Please…please Anushka!
    I woke up, and sat in the bed… OH God.. Thankfully, it was a dream!! Correction – A nightmare!! …
    to read more click here.
  4. Manchester memoirs: Let’c cook together…AKA, you cook and I’ll talk / by Ashkitty
    [she’s got a few other blogs rolling]
    > … In the coming days, referring to that day, we would often joke about the open secret of ‘cooking with Aaron’…you did the work, he did the talking. But I had loved it…enough to do it again on a few other occasions as well. And truthfully speaking, I would do this only for and with Aaron…
    < to read more click here.
  5. Love is Evol / by demonsking19 aka Nalaik Panda!
    Farhan:  when I look at you I can see an angel in your eyes,
    But if I look deeper inside I see your freakish little side.
    Like a devil in disguise .
    Molly: you are the air I breathe , you are my life, i would die for you.
    Farhan: life is a bitch aint it tip. and if I you were bleach and I was hair , I would die for you .
    Molly : I’m leaving you
    Farhan : run out of this room and I will follow you like a lost puppy,baby without you im nothing.
    Molly :  im not listening to you ( opens the door ) .
    Farhan :  ( grabs her by the hand ) …
    < to read more click here.
  6. Parenting~ It’s all Kinds of Scary / by CoffeeAndSpellcheck aka Emily
    > … Holy Hell.  <– that’s what your 17-year-old self screams through your now 30-year-old mother brain, when you suddenly realize that your itty bitty tiny baby that surly was just born yesterday is ready for some of those big kid talks that you swore wouldn’t need to happen until he was 20…
    < to read more click here.
  7. opportunity unmet / by hucein0110
    >… but then she moves away
    moving her hips you watching it sway
    but she turns around for one last look
    that small look was what it all took
    to make you move towards her
    to hold up your arms and try to catch her
    but like smoke she moves away
    slipping through your fingers she fades away …
    < to read more click here.
  8. Why Do You Use Facebook? / vathuthashi aka personal side of MFB!
    > … FB has grabbed a huge share on our daily lives and we are addicted to it. At work and before going to bed, we sneak for the latest status updates and profile pictures.
    I’ve come up few of the reasons from A to Z why we use Facebook. Enjoy!
    A. to chat
    B. to stalk others
    C. to pick girls or guys
    D. to pretend you are not home alone and doing nothing…
    < to read more click here.
  9. Dear Stranger / Arjun1097
    > … Alone he sat
    Eyes fixed to the ground.
    Tons of people around him,
    But I doubt he heard a sound.
    Perhaps a broken heart?
    Or maybe just a bad day?
    Whatever the case was,
    His eyes had a lot to say.The sun set behind
    And it was time for me to leave.
    The man however sat still,
    Unfazed that look of grief …
    < to read more click here.
  10. Nasheed administration to continue flogging women /
    [he usually reblogs stuff from other interesting blogs which is useful at times. i’m not sure about the following because that’s the only piece i can read from the feed 😦 for, it is unaccessible from this end]
    > … While Nasheed’s administration is keen to preserve a cruel, inhumane, and degrading punishment carried out overwhelming on women, none of his ministers is calling for hand amputation for convicted thieves, which …
    < to read more click here.
  11. An Offering to the Blogging Gods
    The past two days have been exciting, over-whelming, and I am thrilled that the Blogging Gods granted me the gift of Freshly Pressed!  It with this I offer you my most biggest and awkward hug!  Thank you for you for  making this little blogger one very bruised and happy gal!…
    < to read more click here.
  12. Hey Kid, Ya Want Some Chaw*? / by Simply Charming  aka Sunshine
    > … Er, if you are such a parent please enlighten me with your wisdom about the logic behind your lax parenting style. I do attempt to keep an open mind on many issues. I promise not to roll my eyeballs up while you speak  defend your ways.
    Right now, the only logical answer I can dream up is your habits are so pleasurable and addicting that it’s far easier to let junior(s) take part with you than try to stop yourself. Is that it?? Shameful…
    < to read more click here.
  13. Style Guides Stole My Brain / by Beeblu
    > … if I can dash with impunity or must double-dot
    and when I must…
    ..and when I must not
    and the comma, the comma—oh, don’t get me started!
    it once knew its place; now it’s upped and departed
    my participally dangling brain in revolt …
    < to read more click here.
  14. Photography: Escaping from the urban madness… / 3rdculturechildren
    >… Left the “concrete jungle” behind us. instead, traded the car rides for horseback experiences; went from taking elevators to climbing trees; completely forgetting the crowded streets, instantly replaced by the white sanded coastline…
    < to read more click here.
  15. Warm Up / Slicker than your average aka Yaamyn
    > … Seeing the unabashed bigotry, censorship and raging intolerance in my country has always been disheartening, but recently I’ve begun feeling the same sense of hopelessness that many people had warned me of before …
    < to read more click here.


x 1
This award given to me by Arindham

My nominees for Liebster Blog Award (first round):

  1. Visions of a Reminiscent Soul / by Isadora
    > … As he swayed in the high backed wicker rocker; the creaking sound was hypnotizing him.  He felt each movement was like a small grain of sand dropping down in an hour glass signaling each year of a time passed. Why do those grains of sand drop down quickly at the end of time? He was acutely immersed in his thoughts…
    < to read more click here.
  2. Would Thou Believe / by RisingDhivehiTide
    Suffering a sickness, only thou can cure,
    Older than half a decade, this truth i carry,
    Would thou believe,revere my feelings,
    Now u slay a heart, day & night,longing the voice, left for ignorance,
    Unimaginable, are things this lad would do,
    For a glimpse of thee, for a touch of thee,
    Fly up any height, Swim below any depth …
    < to read more click here.
  3. Geography of you body / by silentfingers
    > … Broken bounds and a daring will,
    Conquering gallantry and a poised heart,
    Docile sins and a muted repentance!
    All I need to master the geography of your body.
    Oh, how I wish to travel the breadth of that land! …
    < to read more click here.
  4. My first GST experience/ by MaldivesFinanceBlog
    When I moved to my current place, there was this corner shop owner who is on his 50’s. Not a very friendly face and I assume the reason is too many retail shops opening nearby and he isn’t too happy with his sales…
    < to read more click here.
  5. What am I looking for? / by dhondhooni
    > … for the first time in my life, i truly wanted to sleep last night. just sleep and never wake up. i was longing for peace. longing for silence. longing for contentedness. i kept feeling like something is missing in life. something that i really really want. something i need…
    < to read more click here.


TayabIqbal has tagged me and
now I am obliged to answer his 11 questions.
Aliza also has tagged me [AGAIN :lol:]
with another 11 questions!!!


I have been tagged 3 times earlier
Tagged by thethoughtpallete,
also by Aliza
and also by Arjun.
And have had to answer
33 questions for the 3 taggers.


I won this cool mug from Peas&Cougars 🙂


27 thoughts on “My Award Closet is dated :)

    • thank you Zahir 🙂
      generosity of fellow bloggers. and most of them only known for a few weeks.
      so very thankful for the support 😀

      and anyways, your Award collection over at your blog is way more impressive 😉
      congrats to you 🙂

  1. Good lord! You put a lot of effort into creating this list Amira. I am impressed. I’m not sure how I got here as there is no like button for it… TY for adding me to your Candleight! ♥Happy ♥New ♥Year ♥ & TY! 🙂

    • I have yet to do a post on the candle lighter award 🙂
      I am on a self restraining order to hold posting until I get something off from my pending list. My punishment for procrastinating 😉

      Anyway, I just couldn’t hold giving the award to you, when I stumbled upon your blog and read some of the posts. You are totally deserving.
      ♥Happy ♥New ♥Year to you too 🙂

    • a new comment below on this post made me realize I have not thanked a fellow blogger for the kidness. feeling very bad about it.
      I guess I need to prepare a post for the new award 🙂

    • it’s been sometime since I updated this page 🙂
      some time back there was a frenzy of awards and got really tired of all the acceptance posts 🙂
      guess i need to update this page soooon
      thanks for the visit and the admiration 😉

    • Having received awards before does not make them any less worthy. and it does not make any new awards any less exciting 😀
      Thanks for the lovely award Nazish 🙂 It is indeed beutiful

    • Ah 🙂
      Another lovely award.
      It means a lot that you have been a constant part of my journey of my mind speaking it’s thoughts in black and white.
      Thank you for the kindness.

      I am very behind in spreading the joy of Awards that I receive. I shall try my best to do a post on it soon.

      Thank you

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